Y-DATA is an intensive one-year career advancement program in data science that bridges the gap between short-term online courses and a full-time MSc-level program.
Industry projects are one of the key elements of our program, translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills. We believe that in order to achieve full understanding of the use and application of machine learning algorithms, Y-DATA students should experience, as part of their studies, work on a real-life full-cycle industry project. This experience will provide invaluable hands-on experience working on real data and problems and overcoming realistic challenges.
More about the program
Projects Basics
~6 months
400 hours
2-3 students
Real data provided by company
Experienced mentors provided by Y-DATA
Weekly meetings with company data-owner
Our Projects: Past & Present
Benefits for the company
Our graduates get experience working on a real-world project for their portfolio.
Free quality human resource for work on existing data science questions.
Partnership with Israel-based tech companies.
Opportunity for a natural extension into employment in case of mutual satisfaction.
Benefits for Y-DATA
Nov 2023
Dec 2023
Jan 2024
Feb 2024
Mar-June 2024
July 2024
Initial contact.
Project proposal drafts.
Project proposals
edited and refined.
Project catalog publication. Students assigned to projects.
Project kickoff
Data understanding, exploration, domain understanding.
Initial project presentations
Data, goals, tools, planning
Main work stage
Modelling, evaluation, adapting.
Final project presentations
Wrap up, results.
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