The team of experts at Y-DATA provides you with top-notch resources to build your data science career. Y-DATA faculty and staff come from a variety of backgrounds, offering a mix of in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical experience from academia and industry.
Advisory Board
Elena Bunina
Eden Shochat
Kira Radinsky
Lior Rokach
Ira Cohen
Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University
Equal Partner at Aleph
ChairWoman & Chief Technology Officer at Diagnostic Robotics
Professor of software and information systems at Ben-Gurion University
Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist at Anodot
Faculty Staff
Niv Haim
Lior Sidi
Noa Lubin
Yury Mokrii
Yuval Belfer
Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University
Senior Data Scientist at Wix
Director of Data Science at Fido
AI researcher
Developer Advocate at AI21 Labs
Adir Solomon
Rachel Buchuk
Ekaterina Artemova
Kosta Rozen
Segev Arbiv
ML researcher
Statistics and Operations Researcher at the Hebrew University
Post doctoral researcher at MaiNLP Research Lab @CIS LMU
Professor of software and information systems at Ben-Gurion University
Principal Data Scientist at SimilarWeb, Mentor and Lecturer
Guy Shtar
Omri Allouche
Efrat Egozi
Hanan Shteingart
Anna Lapidus
Machine Learning Expert at Salesforce
Head of Research at, Data Scientist and Lecturer
Data science consultant and ML expert
PhD in Computational Neuroscience, Data Scientist at Vianai Systems
Data Scientist and Researcher
Ronen Tal-Botzer
Gleb Ivashkevich
Inbar Huberman
Andrey Zimovnov
Daniel Nevo
PhD in AI, CEO at
PhD in Physics, Data Scientist and ML expert
PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Senior Lecture at the Department of Statistics at Tev Aviv University
Director of Machine Learning at Zen
Anatoly Bard
Guy Uziel
Ziv Katzir
Software Developer at Revolut, Lecturer at HSE
Co-founder and CTO of Litigate
Head of the National Program for AI Infrastructure at Israel Innovation Authority
Project Mentors
Shuki Cohen
Eran Marom
Inbal Horev
Noy Cohen-Shapira
Yuli Slavutski
Data Scientist at AI21 Labs
Data Scientist and Algorithm Developer at
Lead data scientist at Gong
PhD candidate at BGU
Researcher in Statistics and Data Science
Nathaniel Shimoni
David Dale
Eddie Smolyansky
Moran Beladev
Etam Benger
Co-founder of DataDudes, consultant and lecturer
NLP research scientist at Skoltech
Founder & SEO at Ditto Fitness, Co-founder and CEO of Connected Papers
Data Science Team Leader at Diagnostic Robotics
Deep Learning Researcher @HUJI
Dmitry Kovalenko
Maoz Cohen
Amit Livne
Researcher in Computer Vision and Geometric Perception
Machine Learning Group Manager at Taboola
Data Scientist at Cyber Security Research Center@BGU
Tomer Ahrak
Data Science Researcher at Neosec